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An increasing number of people wear piercings. If you are a lover of piercings, you can find the best jewelry at body piercing factory.

Piercing has been around since ancient times. People got piercings mostly for religious and mystical reasons. Jewelry was placed on pierced parts of the body.

In the 1970s, mostly only women and only a few men had their ears pierced. Nowadays, it is quite normal for men to have their ears pierced and to wear earrings. However, this is not the end of body piercing.

Body Piercing Factory

An increasing number of people want piercings on different parts of the body, such as eyebrows, nose, tongue, navel, nipples. Nowadays it has become fashionable and most people wear piercings as a fashion detail and not for religious reasons.

If you want to have a piercing yourself, contact the body piercing factory. We will professionally pierce the part of your body that you want and place the piercing that you previously selected in our shop. Drilling and placement of piercings must be done under sterile conditions, in order to avoid infection, which can cause many complications.

At the body piercing factory, we have a special tool for placing piercings. We also produce all the jewelry you want to put on your body. When piercing for the first time, the jewelry must be made of titanium or surgical steel or 14k gold. These metals are the most persistent and do not react with body fluids and do not cause allergic reactions.

After piercing the body and placing the piercing, you must follow our hygiene tips to avoid any infection.

If you want to place a piercing on your body, one click on the body piercing factory is enough. We will do it for you professionally, and with us you will find the largest selection of jewelry for any part of your body.